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How to Hire a Lawyer with No Money

Finding an Affordable Lawyer When You Have Low Income


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Looking for an affordable lawyer when you have no money is only a good idea if the problem is not life threatening, or has prison as a consequence of bad work.  Nowadays, Lawyers are becoming more important in the society, no matter what many people think about them. The fee is one problem which goes with needing a lawyer.

How to Hire a Lawyer with No Money

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Lawyers are notorious for charging high fees, and potential clients with low budget income may be overwhelmed by the fee. The following is a brief tips to still get a lawyer to help you, even if your pockets are less than deep. If that is not the problem, though, you probably be in a jam.

1. Try to ask around your family.


While many people think they know the entire of the families rather well, but most do not. Perhaps you never know when a distant family out there may have ended up becoming a lawyer, which you, of course, can use to the advantage financially. In case you are sure you are not related to a lawyer, though, it wouldn’t hurt to ask all your family every one of the same.

2. Talk to your friends.

This is another way you will get lawyers to work for you for less- the “friend rate” are a few things some lawyers implement when a close friend or colleague needs legal aid.

3. Get a volunteer lawyer.

Most states have volunteer lawyer organizations, or just a kind of Legal Aid associations, but remember that these organizations have many eligibility requirements for the services.

4. Check a local law school.

Check and see in a local law school if they’ve a law clinic or some program that similar with it, which permits law students (under supervision of a licensed attorney) to work on behalf of low income clients. It is a good chance, so if you have it, you should not throw it out the window immediately.

5. Ask local lawyers for a “payment plan” of sorts.

Explain the situation to your lawyer in question, give the lawyer your financial statement, and try to get agreement what you need done. If the lawyers believe they could lower their fee rate, that means you will pay a specific amount over a specific amount of time, you may be in luck.

6. Get a loan.

This is probably one thing which can be done in some cases, especially in case if your life literally rests upon getting over charge. Attempt to ask your family for money, and then branch off from there, only go to an expert money lender when there is no one has a cent to spare anywhere at all. Be clear and upfront, and hopefully you will get the loan, so you will get the attorney you desire.

7. Hold a yard sale.

Selling off your unused items, such as furniture and junk could be how to afford a lawyer. Ask a friend if they have anything that you can sell.

8. Offer a trade.

Do you manage a business? Such as a restaurant, or own a business that you know the attorney you need frequents? Offer free food or service at the business in return for helping you out with your legal problem. This is the bit harder to do without cash, but you are going to be very well to get a good discount when you give the lawyer the semi-valuable item.

9. Hire on Contingency.

Depending on what legal work you may need done, you may be able to get a lawyer to work on a contingency basis. Which means that you will not owe a lawyer fees for services until they win the case for you. Generally trial lawyers for Plaintiffs are going to work with this arrangement.

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